A Heaven Party For Grandpa

Tammi Kaufman is thrilled to share her first children’s book titled, A Heaven Party (For Grandpa) with children and parents alike. After dealing with the death of her Grandpa, Grandmother, & Uncle firsthand, in a span of 3 months, all while navigating the many emotions her young daughter faced, Tammi was inspired to write a story that would help children cope with the process of losing a loved one. Tammi would like to thank her husband Jason, beautiful daughter, Scarlett Paige, parents Randi and Steve, and family & friends for being the best support team a girl could ever have.



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Hi From NY

Wonderful story to deal with a sad subject of the loss of a cherished grandfather. with young children. While It’s rated for very young children, anyone can benefit from this story of how to cope with the loss of a loved person. Love never dies. It also give the parent a way to explain their own family’s traditions and religious beliefs.


This is wonderfully written and tackles a subject you won’t find in most parenting magazines or children’s sections of bookshops: grief, and the ways it can manifest. Navigating grief or just discussing grief with kids, with this book, will be much easier, and I love the message and the illustrations. A great purchase!


I highly recommend A Heaven Party for Grandpa to all young children! For young children it’s tough to understand someone passing away and the emotions that go with it. This author truly captivates this tough concept while including a positive light for these youngsters to associate it with. This book is definitely worth adding to your little ones book collection!